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Day 184/365: Sick, Sick, Sick

I have been housebound all day with three children, and two of them are ill. I am so sick and tired of all this illness. It is hard to feel positive about anything at times like this so I am going to keep this short and go to bed.

Shutter speed is way too low but I am so very sick of high ISO and I am thinking that I cannot get focus with f/1.8

f/2.5; 1/25; ISO 800

So sick of thinking about white balance.

f/1.8; 1/100; ISO 1600

f/1.8; 1/80; ISO 1600

f/2.5; 1/80; ISO 3200

f/2.5; 1/60; ISO 3200

Rexy was very proud of his "car".

f/2.5; 1/60; ISO 3200
And what have I learned today? Even in my best lit room I cannot get my ISO below 1600 at best. If I aim for better focus by using f/2.5, then I lose focus with shutter speeds below 1/100.

Conclusion: I can't win. I am sick of photography!

One positive thing that happened is that the boys and I ordered some (small) prints for their wall. Most of them are pictures they took themselves and edited using Pixlr.

"Moaning Angel"

"Super Cat"
At least someone is having fun with photography.

Tomorrow is another day and at least I will get to go outside.