Day 185/365: Narrative, Poetry and Story Making and Truth.

Aside from the many technical aspects of photography that I am striving to master, I am becoming more aware of the more subtle elements that make a great picture. I am slowly reading People Pictures by Chris Orwig as there is so much thought provoking information to digest. I know that I will be rereading this book. I have already started looking at photos and potential photos opportunities differently. Narrative, visual poetry, story making and truth are some of the many concepts that Chris Orwig describes in the book. As soon as I read about these ideas I knew that I have seen them a thousand times - in photos that I have loved. 

I returned to work today and so my photos were limited to bedtime. Roo was exhausted and I was keen to get the photo taken and get everyone to bed. I can't say that I had much story telling in mind - although I think that the exhaustion speaks for itself. The poses and relaxed expression are certainly true to my boy and I think capture him in a way that will be a joy to remember in years to come.

f/2; 1/250; ISO 3200

f/2; 1/250; ISO 3200

f/2; 1/250; ISO 3200

I couldn't resist a little play with my very neglected dolls. I was aiming to take a picture with a tripod to see if it was possible to ever capture a sharp photo. Sigh, it looks like it is which means that my camera shake has a lot to answer for. What interests me most though is how much the story and emotion changes with a simple change in perspective and colour. To be continued. 

f/2.5; 1/250; ISO 800

f/2; 1/250; ISO 3200


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