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Days 96-97/365: EOS Remote

I am slowly starting to explore the features on my new Canon 6D and to help me along I have been reading Canon 6D: From Snapshots to Great Shots by Colby Brown. I found the Canon 500D version of this book hugely helpful when I started my last 365 because it covered all the basics about the exposure triangle and composition as well as a guide to using the camera. It is nice to have a refresher of the basics but I am wishing that it had more camera specific information. I just cannot ever bring myself to read the manual. It's just too dry. 

So yesterday I learned a bit about the Wifi feature on my camera and downloaded the EOS Remote app. I believe that there is a newer version of the Canon remote app but the reviews for it are dreadful. Like many others I was very pleased with this older version. It look me a while to figure out how to focus using it but then I got it. It is essentially like looking at Live View but through your camera. This will save so much time when I am trying to take self portraits and will be far less fiddly than trying to find something else to put in the frame in place of myself to focus on. This was always so hit and miss at wide apertures. Well no more!

Day 96 was more of a play with the new app than any attempt at taking good photos. 

As is often the case in my self portraits, I have gone with a bold edit. This one is a preset by the name of Lucky Heather. I look exhausted!

Day 97 - I quite liked the Lucky Heather preset and used it again on some photos of Bear painting tonight.