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Days 84-86/365: Seeing Stars

After my mental note to take photos early I went straight into Thursday, which is my late working night. Yet again I found myself roaming around the house trying to find something to photograph. On nights like this I find that the macro lens or Lensbaby are a good way to go. On this night I grabbed the Lensbaby and hardly even noticed that it had the shaped aperture ring in it, until I started seeing stars. Shaped bokeh is so much fun and it never fails to amaze me. I have often used fairy lights for bokeh but tonight I started noticing the shapes that occurred in simple reflections. 

Day 84

This one was crumpled tin foil!

Day 85 - This was a busy day so I just left the Lensbaby on. This is the view from our new kitchen window. I love looking out at that blue sky in the morning. It will be amazing in the summer.

This was the novelty prism that Roo got at the Science Museum. I must admit that it has taken me a while to figure out how to achieve rainbows, but now I find it so relaxing and fun to play with. I didn't even notice the bokeh star until it came to editing.

I often miss the opportunity to find frames in my composition, so I was delighted when Bear presented this one. She is only pretending to sulk in the first photo. She was full of fun and giggles yesterday... 

... but today she woke up ill. She has had a high temperature and sore throat all day. She has eaten very little apart from this ice cream. Poor little Bear.

Day 86

This little dude is getting so cool and grown up these days. He still loves his hummus and breadsticks made into the shape of a hedgehog though and he is still little enough to get it all over his elbow. He will be 7 next week. Seven!

I switched the camera to JPEG at some point today because I wanted to take some fast moving action in burst mode. My camera does not manage burst mode in RAW at all well. It is so frustrating to even try. Anyway I forgot to switch it back for this late night photo of Roo. I really noticed the difference when I came to edit this picture. It took me a while to figure out why the picture was degrading so badly with anything beyond the most conservative edits. There really is a huge difference between JPEG and RAW. 

I have come across some really interesting looking video tutorials on a site called Creative Live. I am so tempted to give some of them a go. I really do feel the need for a bit of help with my editing. I feel so stuck and frustrated with it.