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Day 88/365: Spring Flowers

Bear is still ill and home from nursery today. She has just discovered the My Little Pony Equestria Girl movies. I was clearly enjoying joining in with the singing too much as I have now been banished from the sitting room until further notice. So, I have busied myself taking photos of my lovely spring flowers.

Day 88

I have also been enjoying our new kitchen shelves. 

And I was delighted to find the time to customise one of my dolls with a new body and eyechips. 

My camera is a dream to use. I used the 100mm with it today. It makes such a satisfying clunk sound as I press the shutter button. I am looking forward to seeing how fast it is in RAW mode as this was one of the big frustrations of my old camera was that it kept freezing on me when I was trying to catch a good high energy photo. I am also excited to have a go at panning as I am hoping that it will be quicker to perform automatic focus. 

We just need to get better and have some nice warm sunny days. I am so over this winter!