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Days 82-83/365: National Portrait Gallery

It was a slow start this week, photographically speaking, as I rummaged about the house late at night trying to find my photo of the day. 

Day 82 - Mental note to self. Take a photo - any photo- earlier in the day!

I was so relieved to get my camera out of the house today as I feel in such a rut. It was one of my glorious days off work and I indulged in my favourite thing to do on such days - a trip to a museum in London. I chose the National Portrait Gallery because I was curious to see what photographs they had. I was hoping that they might inspire me. I have avoided this museum for years because I assumed that it would be boring. In fact, I loved it. 

Day 83

As usual, I very much enjoyed the space every bit as much as the artwork. Museums are just the kind of calm that I need in my life right now. This morning I commented to my husband that I go to museums for clarity of thought and calm in the way that others might go to church. 

I made a point of checking in museum written rules that I was allowed to take photos which is why I felt upset by being approached by a guard and told that I was allowed to take photos of the artwork, but not the space! I have never come across this before and being "told off" left me feeling upset. This is the second time I have been told to stop taking photos in public places. The first time was a train station. 

There were lots of fantastic paintings and photographs of iconic people. Of course there were also a lot of photos of the royal family. I am not a royalist but I did like many of the photos. 

I enjoyed, but was also a little saddened by the contrast between the young and older Elizabeth I

This picture of the Princes William and Harry made me weep a little. I love the connection between these two and I hope that my boys have a similar relationship when they are older.  

There is something about these days alone in London that makes me feel so emotional. Partly this is due to having the space to reflect upon my life, where I have been and where I am going. I always feel nostalgic for earlier versions of myself and stages of my life. 

My husband and I had one of our first dates in this restaurant in Soho. We have such happy memories of that time. 

All of the emotional is shaken off by the time I get home. Life with children forces me to focus on the present. This is a good thing. Right now we are enjoying dancing and twirling around our new kitchen. 

And generally enjoying the good things in life.