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Days 101-106/365: Sunny Good Friday

It is Easter weekend and I am swamped by 100s of photos to edit. It was a rather slow week but then we went to the beach on Good Friday. We got there late but we had the first blue skies and beautiful sunshine of the year. I made a conscious effort to go crazy in the golden hour as I have always missed out on this opportunity before. It was also my first opportunity to shoot RAW in continuous mode with good light and I am blown away by how well my new camera managed it. It has left my old camera in the dust in so many ways but it's ability to keep focus on a moving subject is truly fantastic. I am also being a bit bolder with my edits these days. The low sunshine made for tricky shooting conditions and some photos were over or underexposed. I really am feeling the benefit of shooting in RAW these days. There is no way that JPEG would have cut it. 

Anyway, lets play catch up...

Day 101 - Sunday. A lovely family day of games and cuddles for the cat. 

Day 102 - My new doll. Deerla. So cute!

Day 103 - My little foxy friend. 

Day 104 - My feet.... by now I was seriously starting to question why I am even doing this 365. The reality is that some days I just don't have the time, energy or creativity to take anything worth taking. 

Day 105 - My little Little Pony. This night was not much better but I did have a gift bag that I was excited to use as bokeh. 

Day 106 - Good Friday at the beach. This is where I went crazy. Honestly it is hard for me to choose photos of this day. I love so many of them. 

I hope to be back tomorrow with the Easter photos.