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Day 87/365: Mother's Day

Today was Mother's day and as alway I was spoilt by my wonderful family. With every year that passes, I feel more and more grateful about my role as mother. I was so conscious of those around me who have lost mother's recently. Last year was a hard year for many of my close friends and it really has shown me that you can never take anything for granted.

I love the fact that my children can write their own heart felt messages on my cards now.

I have also come to really appreciate flowers. I always liked them well enough, but photography has really helped me to see how beautiful they are. I look forward to taking more pictures of my Mother's day flowers over the next few days. 

The big surprise was that my family got me a new camera! A Canon 6D! Needless to say I am over the moon as this has been a dream camera for ages now. So far I am blown away by the differences. Straight off I notice how much more you can get into the frame due to the full frame sensor. I also noticed that you can achieve much greater depth in pictures and I imagine that you can get the full impact of leading lines. I also noticed a big difference in editing. The photos are so much cleaner with much less noise. When I zoom in on the eyes they are tack sharp. I cannot wait to get to know this camera better. 

Poor Bear was still ill today, so we spent most of the day inside playing. My lovely husband made us a delicious dinner and I felt very relieved not to be in some busy restaurant. 

Life feels so very good right now.