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Days 92-95/365: Rexy's 7th Birthday

I cannot quite believe that little Rexy is 7 now! We had a wonderful weekend and it feels sad to return to normal life now that it is Monday again. 

Day 92 was Rexy's birthday. It was a school day so we started the day early with presents and a lovely breakfast. 

After school we went to a restaurant of Rexy's choosing - Wagamama's 

Bear and I might have spent a long time in the toilets taking pictures of this big window. 

I got to try out burst mode on my new camera and it was very pleasing indeed! I imagine that in good light it would be even more amazing. I love it!

And then we ended the day with a little birthday cake. This was just the left over layer of his real birthday cake, which we were having at his party, but it certainly did the job. 

Day 93 was a Saturday, and party day! Rexy decided that he would like a bowling party followed by a meal with his friends. He really does have such a lovely bunch of friends. Looking at them here I can easily imagine them all as teenagers. It won't be long!

Day 94, Sunday, was a much quieter and more relaxed day. I was delighted to discover that good light is now pouring in through my bedroom window in the late afternoons/evenings when I am ready to take some photos. That's what's been missing from my photos - good natural light!

Today, day 95, it was Roo's turn to have a sick day. We had a lovely morning watching Rear Window while the other two were at school and nursery. It is such a rare and precious treat to spend 1:1 time with Roo. I wish that we could do it more often. 


  1. I love that photo of your son with his birthday cake, so atmospheric!


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