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Days 279-287/365: Springtime in Ireland

I'm back! We had a wonderful trip to Ireland to visit family and friends and I think that I probably took at least 1000 photos. I'm not even kidding. I will spare you the torture of posting all of them here and aim for a quick summary of what we got up to. I had zero internet access during the time we were in Ireland. Luckily I have Lightroom on my laptop so I was able to edit a bit as I went. Having said that, it was a little bit more fiddly than my computer at home so I am not quite sure how they turned out yet.

Day 279 - The ferry to Ireland. The kids were super excited as you can see. Disco car...

Day 280 - We spent most of the day relaxing/recovering after the journey but then had a burst of energy in Granny B's garden that evening. So this is what they mean by the "golden hour".

 Day 281 - We didn't do much that was photo worthy but it is always fun to have a bath in a new location. The boys were fascinated by the way that the water droplets landed on Roo.

Day 282 - A trip to the local park, bowling with Grandad B and a wonderful visit to an old schoolfriend's house. We used to spend hours chatting about this and that, just the two of us, and now we have seven kids between us. Seven!

 Day 283 - Dublin Zoo

Day 284 - A lovely day out with Granddad B.

Day 285 - Conserving our energy for the return journey. We had a relaxing day of board games and sewing. Ahh, we need a lot more of this in our lives. 

Day 286 - Homeward bound. I took a few snap shots of the ferry but I have chosen to share this one of Rexy taken last night in Granny L's house. He has four wobbly teeth right now, including the two top front ones. Excitement is building. Which one will go first? He wants them to fall out at school because you get to take your tooth home in a very cute knitted elf. 

Day 287- We spent a bit of time at Granny L's house this morning and now we are home. I haven't been much in the mood for photo taking today and only took this one of Bear before our holidays officially ended. 

I could talk at length about my thoughts about photography during the trip, and I probably should as that is what this blog is about. Briefly, I loved having so much light available to me this week. I spent most of my shooting time with a very low ISO and plenty of shutter speed. I also favoured a higher aperture as I wanted the photos to be in focus. 

From an editing perspective I am tending to keep my images on the warmer side these days. I have always been so worried about orange skin tones that I tended to cool them down too much. Overall I now think that a bit orange looks much better than grey/blue. I am still not sure if I am getting it right though. I am now very curious to see how different my photos would look if I shot in RAW. I think that it is getting close to the time when I will give it a go. My biggest concern is storage space. 

So there we have it, Springtime in Ireland. I miss it already...