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Day 295/365: Sick Day for Rexy

Poor Rexy woke up early with a very sore throat and temperature. There was no way he was going to school today and so I quickly declared it a sick day for him. We got Roo to school and returned home straight away, where we remained until school pick up time.

Rexy wanted to spend some time beating his (already very high!) personal score on Bopp-it. Bear on the other hand was keen to recreate her new favourite game from Granny B's house - "washing my feet". She spent quite a while on this little game, and she might have ended up completely naked and in this sink! I will spare her the future embarrassment of posting those photos.

The theme for this weeks 52 Project is Bird's Eye.  I might just fling this one in and have done with it. 

Later in the day we did an arty activity that I have been wanting to try out. It's called puffy painting or something like that. Basically you make a mixture of flour, salt, water and food colouring...

... put it in piping bags or squeezy bottles and pipe it onto paper or card...

... put it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so, and voila puffy art. 

It's really cool and kept us busy for a while. 

I'm still finding my way with the RAW files. It definatly feels different and I am not sure if I am doing all the right things in editing. The white balance seems have have an even wider range. Although it is great, I end up having even more to choose between. So tricky.