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Days 275-277/ 365: Survival

Some weeks are just about survival and this was one of them. Illness floors us for weeks these days and it feels like we are just about keeping our head above water. Luckily we are having a little holiday this week. I am hoping that I come out the other end feeling more refreshed and full of the joys of life.

The theme of the 52 project this week is Black and White. So it was a heavy black and white photo few days.

Day 275

Day 276. I took this one at the very last minute, just after a shower, because I almost forgot to take a picture at all. This is all I have got from that day and I feel I have to post it. I do not usually post almost naked picture of myself on the internet. For the record I am wearing a towel!

Day 277. Today. My beautiful magnolia tree is in full bloom. I love this tree. 

So there we have it. I might be offline for a few days as we are going on a little trip, but rest assured that I will still be clicking away.