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Day 296/365: Hungry Hippos

I've been feeling a little down about my photos again. Of all the things that I just cannot get my head around, colour management drives me crazy the most. In one way or another the colours just always look a little off to me. It's so frustrating. I took things back to basics a little tonight with the help of my little grey card. I wanted colour but not the hassle so I placed the grey card into some test shots and then used that to set WB with the dropper in Lightroom. Actually, Bear's tights would have done the job pretty well anyway. I need to do so much more of that exercise in future.

The problem is that it works pretty well when in lots in natural sunlight. Things get really complicated in poor lighting and noise messes around with the colours too. I need to do some more reading to get my head around it all.

In other news, Rexy's tooth is hanging on by a thread. He feels both excited and repulsed by it in equal measure. I am expecting the gappy tooth grin photos by tomorrow.