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Day 272/365: Easter Decorations

I have to admit that Easter just doesn't excite me as much as the other holidays. Perhaps it is because I was brought up Catholic and it really wasn't about having fun. Good Friday was without fail the most depressing day of the entire year and even Easter Sunday was filled with quiet reflection. Of course we had chocolate eggs, but the Easter Bunny and Egg Hunts seemed sort of alien to me and there were no decorations to speak of. I think that it would have been seen as inappropriate to show too much excitement or happiness. 

Things have changed however and kids today expect a much more joyful celebration for Easter. I am all for joyful celebrations and these days my focus has changed to one of open hearted invitation to Spring into our home. 

It is also a nice opportunity to get crafty. I wasn't really up for biscuit making as the house is already full of Easter treats. This year I thought that it might be better to cut out shapes with salt dough and paint them. Bear was mostly on board with the plan, although she remains hopeful that they will be edible. 

Rexy still had some birthday Lego to get stuck into and he completed this set with the help of his dad.  I'm not sure what it is, but it does look cool! Rexy is pretty chuffed with himself. 

Roo got these brilliant magnets from our day out yesterday. He loves them because they make a cool noise when they bang together and he can do all sorts of tricks with them. I can see the attraction... get it? Attraction? Never mind. 

I managed to pop to the shops to pick up some new decorations. I have wanted an Easter Tree to hang decorations off of for years but never quite got round to it. These Easter Trees are obviously a new concept because when I spoke about how much I wanted one to my husband and the boys, the response was... "Huh?"

Welcome Spring. Please won't you come in and stay a while. 

Some other decorations for this year. I plan to build upon this for the years to come. 

We are all set!