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Days 269-271/365: Easter Egg Hunt

Yikes! I am getting behind on my blog posts. We have had a disrupted week because of illness and poor Roo is now on antibiotics. It has been a bit grim, but I haven't stopped shooting.

Day 269 was short and sweet with some fox, lego and doll shots. I was desperate.

On day 270 I was in a rush to go out and see Cinderella at the cinema (amazing by the way!) and took some quick snaps at bedtime. 

Rexy loves playing with bubbles on the shower guard and spends ages in his own little world. It is a battle of some sorts he tells me. 

Today, day 271, we did the Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt that we do every year. We usually meet up with some friends of ours and this year was no exception. Have I mentioned before that I love the National Trust? The kids always have a great day out running around and climbing stuff. 

Happy Easter!!