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Day 273/365: Easter Sunday

We have had a quiet sort of day here today. Naturally there has been a lot of chocolate and Roo and I started off the day making a chocolate cake before we even had breakfast. He really is quite helpful in the kitchen these days, which is so great.

We had boiled eggs, croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast. Now that the boys are old enough we let them loose with Sharpies on their eggs and let them design their own silly faces. 

This was Roo's egg. 

Bear is still a little young to be trusted with Sharpies so I helped her out a bit. She wasn't interested in any of the decorating anyway and just wanted to eat her eggs in peace. 

Rexy went a little more... horror story with his eggs. I really didn't like to ask to many questions about his design. Each to their own. 

They did enjoy themselves though and it was a nice gentle way to start the day.

Granny L came over for Easter lunch and then we had Roo's cake for desert. It was a big success. Then we just hung out together, played a few games and relaxed. It was a nice day. 

Happy Easter and hello Spring!