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Days 119-120/365: Goodbye to J Cottage

After the fun of trick or treating on Halloween night, we hopped in the car and drove to Granny L's house. She is moving from her home, my husband's childhood home, next week and we wanted to say goodbye. She lives in a beautiful thatched cottage and it is filled with many years of happy memories for all of us. I will forever fondly remember the most beautiful Christmas holidays there. Both mine and my husband's parents now feel burdened and overwhelmed by the sizes of their houses and feel the need to downsize to more manageable homes.  

It is the end of an era and a reminder that life always moves forwards, even when you don't want it to.

I took the opportunity to indulge in a little photo experimentation. Here I asked Rexy to walk around in a circle with me to find the best light. I was looking for nice open eyes with catch lights. Rexy got fed up with that, so we settled for this. 

My old friend, dappled light. I had to get a picture of Granny's "magic chair" though. 

J Cottage is such a cool place. Granny has found all sorts of treasure in the fields surrounding it. This is a reconstructed old hammer using an old hammer head she found. The boys like to think that it is from "caveman times". Probably not far off though. She also found an old coin "fossilised" inside stone. Roo has had the best time trying to get the stone off using acids (vinegar). We need to get some kitchen science up and running for Roo. He loves it! 

I spot metered off the grass for this one. 

I spot metered off the sky for this one. No editing at all. 

I did a little white balance experiment in the evening, because it is my favourite! All SOOC.

Automatic White Balance.


Custom White Balance using.... wait for it... the white bath panel! I didn't have the grey card with me. 

We are home again now (day 120) with slightly heavy hearts. It does feel good to be back in our noisy, chaotic, messy family home ... especially as we remember that it won't always be like this. One day this house will feel big and empty, but hopefully filled with happy memories.