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Day 118/365: Halloween

Have I mentioned before that we love Halloween? My husband and I always liked it even before we had kids but now it is a big deal. It's not even just for us. The whole neighbourhood throws themselves into the Halloween spirit. There is a real buzz of excitement on Halloween night as the streets are filled with cute little trick or treaters and their parents. The parents are often dressed up too. My husband terrified all of the neighbourhood toddlers with his horse's head this year. Everyone makes an effort to decorate their house and lots of people throw parties. We are slowly building quite the stash of Halloween decorations. I wish I had the time to make more. Perhaps next year... 

Naturally there was pumpkin carving. 

We rushed off to a party thrown by one of the neighbours and there wasn't much time to take nice pictures of the kids pre-trick or treating. So I snapped these when we got home exhausted and pumped full of sugar. Let me present our little Vampire, Grim Reaper and Spooky Witch. 

The dolls got a look in too. 

I like this picture of Bear that I got earlier in the day. 

Aw, here are some of our pumpkins from 2004. The pictures were taken with our very first point n'shoot digital camera. I think I can see some progress!

Our Baby Roo in 2006. First ever Halloween outfit. He wore it for one minute and then threw a fit until we took it off again. 



2009 - Superboy and his new little brother Pirate Rexy. 

2010 - We had the DSLR at this point, but very little clue how to use it.  

2011. I will always remember the look on Rexy's face as he tipped his sweets on the floor and examined his loot. 

2012. Baby Bear joins us. 

2013. By now we had gotten to grips with Aperture Priory Mode.