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Day 121/365: Growing in Confidence

The boys returned to school today and we all settled back into our usual routine. Bear and I went to her little music class. She is joining in more and more these days. Her confidence is really growing. I think that mine is too!

I have been trying different focal points at bit more lately. I went through a stage of using the central focal point and recomposing. The problem with that is that the kids move about too much. I have to focus and shoot pretty much simultaneously or the moment is lost. A lot of these pictures looked out of focus on the the display, but they don't look too bad here. I am getting mighty tired of high ISOs and grain though. 

Here is little Bear after her nap. 

f/2.2; 1/125; ISO 1600

f/1.8; 1/100; ISO 800

I have also been spot metering off the skin a bit more. I figured out that I need to meter off the lightest part of the skin and not in a shadow. 

Here is Bear playing with a favourite - Stretchy Man in the Batman prison. 

f/1.8; 1/400; ISO 3200

Here is Roo, back to the homework routine again. Lots of new skills here including white balance using the grey card, meting off the skin and an outer fixed focal point on the eye. 

f/2.2; 1/250; ISO 3200

I have read a couple of posts from people who have just finished their own 365 projects. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to finish. I have learned so much already and there is a long way to go yet.