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Day 141/365: Rexy's Favourite Things

Following on from yesterday's post, we were excited to have a look at Rexy's favourite things. We could have filled this whole post with soft toys. He loves them so much that he needed a bit of prompting to remember all of the other things that he enjoys. 

1. First up had to be his beloved cuddly dog.... erm, Rexy! He is so in love with this little guy that he chose to take his name as his on-screen identity. My mother actually bought Rexy for Roo when his little brother came along. It was a little gift so that he wouldn't feel left out by the all the attention his baby brother was getting. As time went by the baby claimed him as his own and they have been inseparable ever since. 

2. Storm - and husky dogs in general. Rexy loves animals a lot and has a particular thing for husky dogs and wolves. 

3. Rexy's football card collection. He has played football for a couple of years now but it was the World Cup this summer that really got him hooked. He enjoyed collecting the stickers for the World Cup and was disappointed when it came to an end. Imagine his delight when he found out about Match Attack cards. The kids trade these at school. I dread to think of the fleecing that goes on. 

4. Minecraft. Between you and me I think that he just likes to keep in touch with Minecraft so that he can hang with the big boys. 

5. Lego. Similar to Roo he started off with an interest in Ninjago, but more recently he has drifted towards Chima. I think that the animal element probably appeals to him. He loves to play with the little characters in bed while waiting to fall asleep. His Granny L has started to send him a Chima magazine, which he really looks forward to. 

6. Skylanders. We have collected about a million of these guys. They certainly are cool. Hog Dog, the little red one in the front and centre, was his favourite for a long time. I don't remember all of their names anymore. I used to feel proud when I could remember all of the train names in Thomas the Tank Engine. I had no idea how complicated things would get. 

7. Soft toy group shot. Rexy has A LOT of soft toys. He chose these as his favourites but it changes every day - except for Yodel, the huge dog in the centre. He uses Yodel like a pillow. He got him for his birthday last year because he is a giant version of his little Rexy dog. The mouse on the end, Pinky, used to be my husbands. Rexy feels very honoured to be given the job of looking after him. 

8. Beanie Boo Collection. Rexy has a sub-collection of Beanie Boos going on. He just melts over the cuteness of these. So do I. 

9. Hamburger. This one deserves special mention because he is extra loved. He makes Rexy giggle.

10. Moshi Monsters - especially White Fang. Didn't I tell you that he had a lot of soft toys?! He has a collection of the little plastic Moshis and he enjoys playing the game online. White Fang has been his all time favourite. It's the husky love thing. 

11. Camera. Rexy is super keen to take his own pictures. He enjoys this vtech camera that we have had forever, but has asked for a point and shoot for Christmas. I am hoping that he will share my love of photography for many years to come. 

12. Books. Rexy has always enjoyed picture books, especially ones with cute animals in them. SkippyjonJones has been a big favourite of his this year.  

13. Mr Men Books. He also enjoys the Mr Men series. The fact that you can collect so many makes them all the more appealing. 

14. Star Wars. Star was movies, computer games, action figures, pyjamas, bedspreads... Needless to say everyone in the house is excited about the new Disney Star Wars movie. 

15. As far as sweets go, Rexy is more of a chewy sweet sort of man. He informs me that he also enjoys chocolate and crisps. 

I think that we might have to do some follow up posts on this theme. We honestly could keep going and going.