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Day 148/365: Leading Lines

 I have been meaning to play around with leading lines more in my photography. The concept is beautifully illustrated in this click it up a notch article. Unfortunately, I didn't have much to play with this evening as the light was very poor, it was cold, Rexy wasn't hugely in the mood and my options of leading lines were limited. I will shelve it as an idea to play around with more. That and framing. 

The shutter speed started off shocking low here and the colours were funky. The noise was also very visible to me.  

f/1.8; 1/50; ISO 1600

Then I remembered that we have an outside light above his head. This allowed me to increase the speed to 1/200

f/1.8; 1/200; ISO 1600

He loves chewing on the sleeve of this top.

f/1.8; 1/250; ISO 1600

More camera shake at low shutter speed.

f/1.8; 1/50; ISO 1600

It is school Christmas play season and I have had the joy of using my sewing machine to make Rexy's costume. I love my sewing machine but I am just a little afraid of it. I don't have much skill in the sewing department. I am toying with the idea of doing a 365 sewing project once this one is finished. Like photography, I am determined to gain more skill at it. 

f/2.5; 1/100; ISO 3200