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Day 132/365: Bear's Feet

Whoop! It's Friday night.

Two exciting photography project related things have happened. I have joined a secret Clickin Moms 365 Facebook group and I have signed up for the Creative Cloud, which gives me access to Lightroom and Photoshop. It has been a frustrating day because ideally I would love to spend a couple of hours really getting my head around how to use Lightroom, but I just don't have that sort of free time right now. There are some pretty amazing photographers in my new 365 group and I feel a bit embarrassed by my free online photo editing software, especiallly after yesterday's pictures. Ho hum, tomorrow is another day. I will get there. 

Bear  and I spent most of the day alone as the boys were at school and then went on a joint playdate. I grabbed a few pictures of her while she was watching Peppa Pig. 

f/1.8; 1/125; ISO 1600

f/1.8; 1/125; ISO 1600

f/1.8; 1/125; ISO 1600

I caught up with a couple of doll pictures during Bear's nap. How I wish that I could really capture jumping with only 1/50!

f/4; 1/50; ISO 800

f/1.8; 1/100; ISO 400