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I can't believe that I am about to say this... but I am on the verge of starting a new 365 project. I have gone back and forth on this decision a lot over the past couple of months but I guess it comes down to one thing. If I want to get better at photography I am going to have to practice every day. Fact! 

I have loved being without the pressure of the 365 and I have used the time to focus on taking photos when I really want to and learning photoshop. I have started to buy a monthly magazine, which has been a brilliant source of information and inspiration. Photoshop is hard and it takes a lot of practice. I have been wild with frustration more times than I care to remember. It is fun though and Roo has enjoyed the projects that I have been doing. 

I have also been experimenting with various presets in Lightroom, which has given me a desire to find my own style. I do not know what that style will be yet but it feels more important to find it. 

I have managed to keep up with the 52 project and plan to join a new one next year. As always that has been a source of inspiration. 

There are many reasons for not doing another 365. I can already feel the pressure to find the time, worries about forgetting one day or accidentally deleting a days photos before uploading or editing them. What happens if I break my camera or something prevents me from taking a photo. In the end I will just have to take the one day at a time approach that got me through the last one. 

The thing that really convinced me to start a new project was that I recently went to Ireland for a weekend to visit friends and family. I brought my camera but did not take even one picture. It feels like such a lost opportunity now. Even worse I have started to notice that my handling of the camera doesn't feel so automatic anymore. I have to really think about how to take a photo and edit it. 

So there we have it. I'm in! 

Beyond the basic getting better at taking photos goal, I hope to:
1. learn more about artificial lighting / off camera flash/ studio lighting
2. get closer to finding my own personal style
3. really get to grips with Lightroom and Photoshop
4. finally take part in some online courses
5. upgrade my camera

Wish me luck!