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11/365: Rubik's Cube

First of all can I just say that I am loving the light in our new kitchen. Even though it is no way near finished, it is exciting to have a new space to take photos in. We are having a very relaxed pre-Christmas day today and it is such a relief not to be rushing around for a change. Poor Rexy has been very ill with a vomiting bug, so he is forced to lay low for a while.

Roo is currently enjoying a range of puzzles and is delighted with his new found ability to solve the Rubik's cube.

I used my 50mm for these pictures and I have to say that I am becoming less and less inclined to use it these days. I love it's wide open aperture but I it so hard to get pin sharp photos even at f/2.8. I would be very tempted to upgrade to the newer version of this lens. I also find it painfully slow when I am trying to catch the kids in motion. 

One of my favourite photos in this series suffered badly from camera shake. So I thought i might be a good opportunity to run it through the High Pass filter in Photoshop. It has improved the shot a little, but not enough. Gah!

In terms of personal style, I am also leaning heavily towards a matte look. 

Today is the first day that I have felt any real enthusiasm to be back into the 365. It feels so much better when I have time to think and double digits are so much more encouraging.