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4/365: Bear's Acting Debut

It is nativity time and I am overwhelmingly proud to announce that Bear has been chosen to play the part of Mary. She is delighted too, mostly because the roll involves holding a baby doll. She took her outfit home this weekend so that she can get into character before the dress rehearsal tomorrow. This gave us the opportunity to take some pictures.

I absolutely could not resist  popping over to Photoshop and really getting into the spirit of the whole thing. There is a tiny chance that I went overboard... but it makes me giggle. I find this sort of edit very challenging in Photoshop. I have played around with so many different selection tools but I am never happy with the outlines I achieve. I suspect that I lack the patience and attention to detail that is required for this sort of job. 

While in Photoshop, I tried out one of the fun edits from this month's Digital Photo Magazine. It was so easy, and so much fun. I love this sort of stuff. 

We are continuing with our Elf on the Shelf this year. He has been providing great amusement here every morning. This photo was taken in a very dark corner of our house. I really want some off camera flash and lighting options but in the mean time I have been experimenting with diffusing the light from the pop up flash. Today I used a Rizla paper over the flash. I have been getting mixed but interesting results with this method.