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Days 19-20/365: Identity Crisis

Okay so I am having a lot of difficulty finding my identity in editing and it is frustrating me like crazy. I am no longer satisfied with the basic clean edits that I used to do and have developed a strong preference for the matte look that is so popular right now. My two concerns about that are that this look will not age well and I will regret editing all my photos that way and... I don't even know how to achieve it all by myself anyway. I have been using a Lightroom preset and then toning it down a little here and there. Because it is not really my own work, I feel like I am cheating. My plan is to learn from the preset and then have the skills to create my own look from there. It appears to have a lot to do with split toning, which is a section of Lightroom that I had chosen to skip over before. Mostly because I don't understand it. I struggle to keep skin tones looking natural whilst using split tones.

Day 19

Day 20