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Day 22/365: Home Studio

Happy new year! I was so excited to get hold of a simple studio set up with my Christmas money this year. Today I got it out for my first attempt with the family. I suspect that there will be a bit of a learning curve with studio lighting and backdrops and the circumstances were not ideal tonight. No one was really in the mood and I had to grab my husband and Roo from other things that they were busy doing (exercising and Minecraft playing).

The backdrop and clothing obviously could have been improved upon. There were some overhead lights that were throwing a shadow down their faces in some pictures. I wonder how my flash will help with that. I am still unsure about the editing, but I am just going to have to roll with the uncertainty right now.

This one was my favourite but Roo's sparkler had gone out.

I was however able to put ignite it again through the magic that is Photoshop. 

 All in all, I am happy that it is a good step in the right direction.