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Days 16-18/365: Christmas Week

We are now in the depths of Christmas week. It has been wonderful to unwind a bit from the stresses of our usual lives and we are loving having Granny B over to visit. It is always a massively intense time of year for my photography. Mostly this is because I have more time to take photos but there are usually a couple of new photography books to get me thinking. Overall I fear that I end up with a bad case of quantity over quality. I can drive myself absolutely batty trying to decide how to edit photos. I think that they look okay but then don't like the edit the next day. As always, white balance is my biggest source of confusion but I am not always so sure about exposure either. It is mind boggling!

Day 16 - Christmas Day

Day 17 - Boxing Day. Of course it doesn't help that we are actually having Christmas on a building site!

Day 18 - Time to blow some cobwebs away. 

And have some precious family time. 

I am very excited to have ordered a new flash and some home studio equipment. I can't wait to get more light into my photography and get to grips with a massively important element of photography.