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Days 229-232/365: And...Relax.

It is finally time for us to drop tools and have a bit of holiday time. I finished work late last night and today I will be packing us all up for a trip to Ireland to visit family and old friends. I am both daunted and excited by the number of photos I will be taking this week.

Here are my photos from the week so far.

Day 229 - Essential summer shot, with a little help from Alien Skin. I love how I can introduce light leaks with it.

I am also really into the square crop at the moment.

Day 230 - We got a Spirograph. It is a lot of fun. I am surprised by how much the boys enjoy it but Bear is a little young for it yet. 

Day 231 - I don't take enough photos from this position. I love all the whiteness and the angles. 

With Alien Skin


Day 232 - Late home and at a loss to shot anything new and/or interesting. These pictures make me think of the old TV show, the Munsters, and I can't help but smile. They also make me think that we need new window or that I should at least clean these old ones. 

Right! Time to get packing...