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Days 207-213/365: Bear's Big Ballet Show

I had hoped by now to be taking pictures of big watermelon slices in the sunshine and home made lemonade.  The plan was to have a beautiful tidy garden with twinkling summer lights in our magnolia tree. However, between one thing and another, this has been the worst summer ever.... so far! I won't go into too much moany detail but the weather has been pants and my garden is still in a post builder mess. Perhaps we will pull something out of the bag by the end of summer, but it isn't looking good. 

We have managed some nice days out though. Bear had her big ballet performance last weekend. We were a little overwhelmed by the size of the production last year, but this year she was ready and looking forward to it. It was such a sweet little show and I was hugely impressed by the bravery of our pirate girl. 

Day 207 - Bear's big ballet show. 

We met up with the boys afterwards to go to a local park. 

Day 208 - This was an evening shoot and I had the macro lens on the camera. I wanted to get some eyelash shots and chose Roo as my subject. My mood has been somewhat darker this past few weeks and I notice that has been reflected in my photos. I like it actually. I wish I would take moodier shots more often. 

Day 209 - I have been meaning to get my studio lighting and use my new blankets as backdrops for a while. I finally got round to it this week. It was a major faff setting it up and I am not thrilled with most of the results. I have a lot to learn about artificial lighting!

Day 210 - Twilight in bloom

Day 211 - In the absence of inspiration late on Thursday night. 

Day 212 - Strong backlighting. 

Day 213 - This was an exciting day because I took Bear to London to see a ballet show aimed at young children. We met up with a work buddy of mine and her little girl. The girls had not met before  but really hit if off. 

Bear and I went to explore the Southbank after the show. I am keen for us to spend much more time here as I think it opens the kids' minds up to exciting new perspectives. I have always loved other people's urban settings in photos and was eager to get some of Bear. Of course crowds are always a problem in busy city spaces. 

So that's our summer so far. The kids have two more weeks in school and we have some exciting trips lined up. Fingers crossed we get some better weather.