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Days 214-220/365: Summer has Landed

This past two weeks have felt a lot more like the summer that I was hoping for. We are all pretty exhausted by an intense few months of school and work, so we are not fully embracing it yet but we are certainly getting there. I feel like we have to have the homemade lemonade, homemade ice-cream, big watermelon slices and a few more beach trips before I can say that we have really experienced summer to the max. The thing that I have noticed is that I take a lot more photos in summer. My July folder on my Mac is already bursting. We tend to have more big days out which generate 100s of photos at a time. This leave a huge editing task and it is easy to get behind it with it. So lets catch up. 

Day 214: Our garden is still a mess but a pretty blanket helps it out. 

Day 215: Jumping on the bed shots. 

Day 216: Rainbow

Day 217: Puppet show

Day 218: My husband and I had a rare date night in London. We watched Ghostbusters, which was excellent. On the way home he waited very patiently while I took some slow shutter speed light trail shots. I love doing these so much. 

Day 219: Summer sleeping. My boy Rexy is looking so soulful in all of his photos these days. He is not usually soulful and spends most of his time jumping around. I guess I just catch him in his quiet moments. 

Day 220: Actually perhaps we are all a bit soulful right now. Or perhaps we are all just exhausted and in need of a holiday.