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Day 228/365: Something a Little Different

I have bought the Experimental Portraiture course on Creative Live and am slowly working my way through it. I could easily watch the whole thing all day, but I don't have that sort of down time. I love it and have been feeling so inspired by it. The course is taught by two amazingly talented women, Sue Bryce and Lara Jade. I love their work. They both specialise in really beautiful portraits of women and watching them makes me want to run out and buy big beautiful dresses for me and Bear. Sue also uses compositing to create stunning dark and evocative images, and I am desperate to learn how to do these things myself.

So I had a go at trying an image that I have seen a few times before. It is not an original idea but I wanted to play around with the concept to gain some confidence with the skills needed to create this sort of image. I am looking forward to lots more image play in the future.