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Day 222-226/365: Lurking in the Shadows and Alien Skin

This was our last week before school breaking up for summer. Most of my pictures were taken just before bedtime and I think that our exhaustion is pretty evident!

Day 222: I mentioned a few post ago that I have been taking moodier pictures lately, which pretty much matches my mood. I have a tendency to take very high tone images but I am mostly drawn towards other people's darker picture. I lack confidence with the use of shadows and lighting but I have been playing with them more lately. Rexy seems to be my moodiest subject at the moment. I'm not sure why. I do think that it will be essential for me to get to grips with this sort of shooting if I am to achieve the kinds of photos I want. 

Day 223: I took lots of reading for homework shots in the old kitchen during my last 365. I am so struck by how much older Roo looks in these latest shots. 

Day 224: Bear and her dollies at bedtime. 

I have been playing with a lovely piece of editing software called Alien Skin. I am currently on a free trial, but I might have to shell out for it. I still can't quite get past the fact that it feels a lot like cheating, but the fact is that even the best photographers use presets and actions. 

Day 225: Alien Skin selfies

Day 226: The many faces of my Bear. 

Roll on summer holiday!