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Day 227/365: Adventure Playground

This weekend we went to a really cool place near us that we do not take enough advantage of. We had a fantastic afternoon in the sun and the kids had a chance to burn off some energy. They tend to squabble a lot when they are at home these days, but we see some lovely sibling love when we take them out and about.

I enjoyed shooting into the sun an managed to catch some cool sunbursts.

We found these gymnastic rings. It turned out that they belonged to some people who were hanging out nearby. They very kindly let us play a bit longer and told us where to buy some of our own. They kids loved them and really impressed us with their skills. 

When we got home Bear asked me to put some pretty flowers in her hair. She brought a picture of Rapunzel to illustrate what she was hoping for. We were all exhausted after our big day out and it was late, but I decided to give her what she wanted. I was so glad I did because I got these lovely pictures of her, edited with to different presets on Alien Skin. I don't think that I will be able to let that software go!