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Days 187-192/365: Lensbaby Week

The week started out just feeling grateful to be home from hospital and settling back into normal life. However,  the weekend adventures had drained me and I feel like I was playing catch up for the following days. I was left with a lot of late night/early morning photo time and quickly felt that drag of a creative lull. At times like that I often turn to macro photography or using my Lensbaby, which I love. I really should use it more.

Day 187 - He doesn't look it here, but he was very very happy to be home again.

Day 188 - I was trying to get an "emoji" shot for the 52 project, but I couldn't get anything I was happy with. In the end I submitted some old photos and reported them as that. These cushions are so much fun though. I need more props like this.

Day 189 - You can see I had slim pickings this night, so I just had to get the Lensbaby out. I am loving The Affair by the way. Such good TV!

Day 190 - With the Lensbaby still on the camera, I deduced to get the photo out of the way early in the morning.

Day 191 - I've got some new blankets that I am very excited about. Mostly because I like the way they look in photos. So many of my home wear choices are now made with photography in mind. I just love the way these turned out.

The wonderful thing about the Lensbaby is that it is a bit hit and miss. Every now and again you get a shot or two that takes my breath away. I love the way that Bear's eyes came out in this first shot. The dreamy quality is so appealing to me. 

Day 192 - This was a bit of a random, no body was in the mood, for photos evening. We were all tired and I just grabbed these two.

I am back to my usual lenses now because we had a big day out. Somehow I feel that Lensbaby is always used for photographing flowers, but I love how the portraits come out.