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Days 180-181/365: Bear's 4th Birthday

We have had a big birthday in the house this week. Bear has turned 4! This has been a long awaited birthday because it is the first one that she was old enough to be aware of. It will be clear by now that we love a celebration around here and we go pretty nuts with the bunting and balloons. We stepped it up a gear this time as I cottoned onto the fact that we could buy own own helium and inflate our own balloons. Whoop!

Day 180 was a prep night.

Day 181 was Bear's actual birthday. It was a Tuesday, so the boys were at school for most of it. We had a lovely quiet day and the balloons were a huge success. The was delighted to finally get a baby like her friend Charlotte and her first bike. She chose a chocolate strawberry cake with a Peppa Pig theme. The chocolate worked well as a big muddle puddle cake. 

Happy birthday to our Bear!