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Day 186/365: No Card In Camera

Ok, I'm just going to come out and say it... I sort of missed a day. I have a really good excuse though.

Rexy hurt his leg at his sister's birthday party. He was doing OK at the party but he woke up unable to walk the next day. We had planned to go to Peppa Pig World but it became clear that we would have to go to A&E instead. Poor Rexy was screaming in pain and unable to weight bear at all. As it was early on a Sunday morning, we hoped that we would be in and out pretty quickly and maybe even make it to Peppa Pig World after all. It did not turn out that way!

We were seen reasonably quickly but an x-ray showed something "suspicious" that they couldn't make out. It looked like there was fluid in the joint. We were told that a CT scan would be needed to get a clearer look. We waited hours and hours to see an orthopaedic doctor only to be told that we should have been sent for the CT scan first. We were not happy! Rexy was very upset to hear that they wanted to keep him in overnight for observations. He also had to have a blood test, which he managed very well.

My husband rushed home to get some things for overnight, including my camera. He returned with two big bags of stuff, but had forgotten the camera. Doh! However, he is committed to supporting me with the 365 so he went home again to get the camera. I was relieved that the 365 was back on track. I took a photo when he was left and my heart sank when I saw the words No card in camera. I sent a text to my husband who I could actually hear laughing in the car park! He announced that it was game over as there was no way he was driving back and forth again. Fair enough I guess! Technically speaking, I did take a photo. It just didn't save. I am going to count that in.

I also took a few pictures with my phone. 

This was our view for hours and hours. 

Poor little fella. 

The following day he jumped out of bed all better. The orthopaedic doctor told us that they had been worried that an infection had got into the joint, which would have been very bad news as it would damage the bone and require surgery. However, that did not appear to be the case and we were told that we could go home. Yippee!

It was nice to spend some time alone with Rexy but we were so glad to get home. 

Peppa Pig World has been rescheduled for next weekend.