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Days 172-174/365: Lens Distortion and Focus

I felt like getting a little creative this week. I have noticed that the lens distortion is so much more noticeable on my new full frame Canon 6D. I pretty much never leave a photo uncorrected these days. However, I really do like some of the distorted effects that you get with a wide angle lens and I would get a fish eye if I could afford it. 

I wanted to play around with distorted portraits of the kids because I think that the distortion exaggerates their cute kid features. I know that it doesn't look natural but I enjoy the cartoonish look that wide angle close ups give. Ideally I would have put my old 18-55mm kit lens on the camera but it wouldn't fit. I settled for my trusty Tamron 24-70mm and kept it at 24mm. 

Day 172

Day 173 - I also have a soft spot for out of focus shots and played around with this concept. It was late and I was feeling tired and lazy, so these don't quite hit the mark. I did enjoy a little play with split toning though. 

Day 174 - A much more conventional sort of day.