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Days 163-170/365: Finding Inspiration at Photo London Exhibition

Somehow I have felt a bit more connected to the 365 this week.  I am enjoying the fact that I have more daylight at my disposal. I have also made the decision to post my favourite photos to Instagram which means that I see them and think about them more. I am aware that I need to make more time for my photography. Of course I spend a lot of time taking, editing and blogging my photos, but I need to spend more time actually thinking about them. Planned photos taken with intention usualy turn out better than those that are just snapped mindlessly. I once read a article that suggested using meditation as a means of improving your photographic eye. I really am struggling to make the time for that, but I know that it is the way forward. 

It is also hugely helpful to study the work of others. My husband and I went to a fantastic photo exhibition this week, Photo London. I always walk away from exhibitions with renewed curiosity about photography and some fresh excitement about my own work. 

Day 163 - We have been doing a lot of dancing in our kitchen lately. Especially me! This new kitchen has been life changing for so many reasons. But mostly because of the dancing.

Day 164 - Photo London exhibition at Somerset House. I will make sure to visit this exhibition every year. I love that I am starting to recognise the work of some famous photographers and it was a real thrill to see photos from Steve McCurry, Vivian Mayer, Saul Leiter and Sebastiao Salgado.

I also added a new photographer to my list of favourites, Sergio Larrain. I really am drawn to city photographers. If only I had the time and courage to take such photos myself. I have been told off for using my camera in public too many times though!

Sergio Larrain
Sergio Larrain

I did manage my own cheeky stranger shot on the way home. Not my lovely husband, but the girl in the reflection behind him. This girl looked so sad all the way home. I wonder what is going on for her. 

Day 165 - This was a late night shot taken just before bed. The Photo London exhibition reminded me how much I love motion in photos.

Day 166 - My favourite of the week and one that pulls on my sentimental heart strings. Roo is growing up so fast isn't he? I have taken lots of shadow shots like this before, but this is the first time that he has not been part of the action. It reminds me a little of Peter Pan. 

Day 167 - There is never a dull moment around here.

Day 168 - Usual late and exhausted Thursday photos.

Day 169 - Bear likes to help with the cooking now. Peeling the garlic keeps her busy for ages and is very helpful for me. These photos came out kind of... meh! I like how they came out with this preset. It's called Omaha.

Day 170 - Bubbles are always fun for photos and just generally. Bear is delighted that she can blow her own these days.

Oh, how I love this girl!