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Days 136-140/365: Welcome to the Family Baby E!

We were so excited to meet the family's newest member a couple of weekends ago - Baby E. She is absolutely adorable and we love her to pieces already. Of course I was very excited to take lots of photos of her and try my hand at newborn photography.

Day 136 - Baby E

It was wonderful to take photos of Baby E and I learned loads from the experience. I can't wait to see her again to take more photos. 

To be perfectly honest, I pretty much took filler photos for the rest of last week. We were working our way up to a very exciting weekend and photography took a bit of a back seat... again!

Day 137 - Bear's Room

Day 138 - Last minute bedtime shots with varied perspectives in mind.

Day 139 - Bath time

Day 140 - Reflection

And then on Day 141 we packed our bags and did something very exciting for the weekend. I have lots of photos to edit before I post it up though, so bear with me...