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Days 157-162/365: I wish I was a writer

I wish that I was a writer! My head is full of thoughts and reflections. It literally never stops whirring and searching for connections and meaning. It is exhausting. Sometimes I feel that I am drowning in them and need to put them out into the world - just to release the pressure a bit. I can talk and talk for hours and luckily my husband and a few close friends are willing to listen to me. It would however be amazing to be able to put my thoughts in writing. I adore this woman and the way she has with words. 

It would be even more amazing if I could create pictures with greater meaning. This woman and her work inspire me. 

However, expressing myself through words and images takes a level of time, planning and intention that I do not currently have. I hope that I will have these things one day soon. Even greater than that though, it takes a kind of bravery and willingness to be vulnerable that I may never have. I fear that until I do have all of these things, I will only create pictures. 

Day 157 - I started off the week with some late night macro.

Day 158 - I just love dandelions. They are fun to photograph and I am totally drawn into the story that they make wishes come true.

Day 159 - Roo won the class medal for "effort and enthusiasm" this week. He is having a hard year at school and the boost is welcome.

Day 160 - He has really got into the Simsons lately and likes to watch it alone in his room. He can hardly believe that I am old enough to remember the first ever Simsons episode. Neither can I!

Day 161 - These were taken on Thursday night, my late night at work. This is often a difficult day to take a photo because I am very tired, it is dark and the kids have gone to bed. I resorted to a couple of selfies. I couldn't get my IOS remote to work and had to hold the camera at arms length. It is not easy to focus the camera when holding it like this and it has focused on my nose! I kinda like the fact that my eyes are out of focus though. It's symbolic...

Day 162 - It confuses me that I am so drawn to other people's dark images and yet I tend to take very bright images myself. Most of my pictures these days are very strongly backlit or even intentionally blown out. Part of it is that I don't feel confident in the use of artificial lighting and shadows to create mood. My father also once commented that my pictures were too dark, meaning underexposed, and I think that this influenced me. I might have to engage in a whole side project to get more confident with dark images.