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Days 355-357/365: Paris

I cannot believe that I am into the final 10 days of this project! In an ideal world I would be able to savour these final days and reflect upon what I have learned. That might have to come after the project is finished because sadly there really is no time or space for reflection this week. 

We went to Paris this past weekend. The trip was planned around the annual European Blythecon. When I heard that it was in Paris this year, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to turn it into a family city break. My husband and I got engaged in Paris 10 years ago and hadn't been back since. We were really excited to show the kids something new. 

Of course some things never change wherever you are! They were delighted to find one of their favourite TV shows on French TV - Rabid Rabbits. The rabbits don't speak properly so language was not a problem. 

Day 355.

It is always so nice to have new settings to take portraits in. This was taken after our first meal in a French restaurant. 

Our apartment had a wonderful balcony. I wish that we could spend every summer evening out on a balcony watching the sun setting. It was so relaxing. 

Day 356 was hardcore. We got a lot done and collapsed in a heap of exhaustion at the end of it. We started off with a boat cruise and saw many of the main sights. My photos of the sights are not great to be honest. Travelling with three small kids is amazing, but very hard work. I couldn't get into the zone enough to plan my photos. 

I took Bear into the doll convention. I took a few snaps but my photos were not good. I was too distracted by Bear and everything else going on around me. The ISO was very high and there is a lot of noise in my pictures. 

We finished our day by going to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. The kids moaned and moaned in the queue and then squealed with excitement when they saw the view. They all agreed that it was worth the wait!

Day 357 was our final day in Paris. 

Our hotel was near La Defence. It has an amazing arch which was impossible to capture well due to it's immense size. I had a go though.

I took about a hundred pictures of Bear playing in this glass maze. I was hoping to capture a good picture of her with perfect reflections either side. These are the best of the bunch. 

We had a wonderful time and are filled with many happy memories. We would love to go back to Paris again soon but realistically there are so many places we want to go. I hope that it is not another 10 years before we make it back again.