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Days 345-347/365: Among the Stars

The photography projects have taken a serious hit this week as I am still unwell with my virus and I am very preoccupied with the loss of my friend, who died yesterday morning. I won't go into the details of her sudden illness and death here, as it is not the place. It has been a lot for all of us to take in and my beautiful Roo has been so mature in his thoughts and actions towards his close friend who has lost his mother. 

Day 345 was a quick point and shoot quickly sort of day. 

Day 346 - This was the first day of the whole project that I seriously considered not taking a picture. These photos weren't very exciting to me SOOC but popped when I added one of those Lightroom presets. 

I just love this one of Roo. I have been hugging them all extra tight this week but my heart really has gone out to Roo who is coping with more than he should at his age. 

Day 347 - I ordered a few bits of exciting photography equipment including some shapes for my Lensbaby. It is a neater way of doing the shaped bokeh trick that I learned at Christmas. I only had time to have a quick play with the star shape today. The creative possibilities are so exciting! I have also ordered some fairy lights but they haven't arrived yet. 

I look forward to playing with my Lensbaby some more. I am also very glad that it is the weekend for me and I can focus on getting better and enjoy being with my family. It's at times like this that we realise how very lucky we are.