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Day 332-334/365: Sorrow and Loss

A few wonderful things have happened this week. Rexy took part in his first pentathlon and came in first in the long jump. The school came in overall first place and they were bursting with pride. He got a medal. He lost another tooth and is now proudly presenting a mile wide gap. Today both boys won their weekly class awards for good effort and excellent achievement. The house is bustling with birthday excitement for Bear. These are all wonderful things.  


Our joy is overshadowed by some very sad and worrying news about a family friend who is critically ill in hospital. She is the mother of one of Roo's closest friends and a teacher at their school. I only heard of her critical state yesterday. Our community is in a state of shock and doesn't really know how to cope with this horror or how to support each other. We are waiting to hear more news. 

Day 332

Day 333

Day 334

Of course it is at times like this that we take stock of what we have. We reflect on how fortunate we are. 

It is Bear's birthday this weekend and we have a lot of prep to do. She is too young to understand what is going on. We will attempt to give her the birthday she has been waiting for and deserves. 

Deep inside my heart is so very heavy.