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Day 348/365: In Search of Freedom

The theme for this week's 52 project is Freedom. This has been one of the most challenging themes for me so far. I seriously lack much sense of freedom in my life these days and it is a difficult concept for me to connect with. It is easy peasy to get photos of the kids, but ones that convey a feeling of freedom require probably require me to get out into the world and take pictures of them running freely though fields or something. I'm just not up for that right now.

I sort of tried though. I thought that it might be nice to recreate this picture that I took in Ireland last Easter. I might still enter this one, but my perfectionist side wants me to take all 52 pictures with the theme in mind. 

I had a lovely picture in my head and asked Bear to dress in something floaty and pink. She didn't need asking twice. 

As I said I don't feel up to running around the park right now, so we settled for our garden. I got some lovely shots of Bear, but none that tick the Freedom box for me. 

Maybe this one...

My next idea was to use my new bokeh shapes to create a story around our thoughts being the only true freedom we have. Of all my kids, Roo is the most able to follow direction so I recruited him. Sadly he wasn't really in the mood after school today, so I wasn't quite able to achieve the look I wanted. 

I like the way the birds fly off his head here...

... but I much prefer the composition and facial expression here. 

I am still at a loss. I will either just submit one of these, see if I can edit it to my liking, or start again. 

I cheered myself up with a doll photo.