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Days 349-350/365: School Fete and Father's Day

This weekend, as the title suggests, consisted of the school fete and father's day.

I took some photos of Rexy and Bear on the morning of the school fete - day 349. It started off pretty well. I was thinking that I really don't get enough photos of these two together....

And then Bear started strangling her brother...

He didn't seem to mind though. 

The school fete itself was pretty full on and I didn't have many opportunities to get the camera out. I was pleased that I remembered to try out a little fill flash though. I have been meaning to play with this technique for ages. 

In this photo I took Rexy with no flash against a very bright background. He was in the shade so is face is pretty shadowy. 

This time I turned on the flash to eliminate those shadows on his face. It still looks a little flashy to me, but overall it is a better picture... I think. I will play around with toning down the flash to see if I can improve the look. 

No flash here again. I wonder if it would have helped. This is Rexy with his new teddies from the teddy tombola. He was very pleased with the new additions to the family. 

Today (day 350 can you believe?) was father's day. It was a quieter day than many of the other occasions we have celebrated this year. This was partly due to being knocked off centre by the death of our friend, but also because we don't have any father's day bunting. Perhaps I need to work on that for next year. We had a lovely day in a very cool leisure centre about an hour from our house. We mostly spent time in the swimming pool so there are no photos of that. 

Here are some pictures from our picnic. 

My husband took these photos of me with the kids. The loss of our friend has reminded us of the importance of everyone being in the frame at some time. I have ordered a tripod so heres hoping for lots more family pictures this summer. 

As much as I value these photos of me, I can only bear to go black and white for now. Perhaps I can become braver in time.