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Days 317-318/365: Halloween Prep

Oh how we love Halloween in this house. It comes in a close second to Christmas. We have kicked off early this year because we will be away for the week before the big day and we want to hit the ground running when we get back - especially as we will be jet lagged.

Day 317 - Decopatch.

We loved doing our deco patch skulls a couple of years ago and I really wanted to add to our home crafted Halloween decorations with a big BOO! It was the perfect project because everyone loves doing the decopatch and each kid got a letter of their own to work on.

Day 318 - Today was a quiet day at home as we relaxed after a busy period at work and school and started to get ready for our big trip to NYC. 

Bear has been doing some last minute research. She has never been on a plane before. It is all very exciting!