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Days 298-305/365: Eye Off the Ball

This week has probably been the most stressful and emotionally unsettling of my entire working life. Consequently, the photo project has suffered even more than usual and I even missed a day. I am past the 300 day mark now, so there really is only 60 or so days to go. I CAN do this.

Day 298 - I really wanted to get a nice photo of mine and Bear's hands as a nice keepsake. It didn't quite go to plan because we weren't really in the mood and I had the Lensbaby on, which made it super tricky at close range. The photos really didn't come out well. They were pretty flat and I couldn't get the colour right.. so I slapped on a filter. I really do think that is cheating but at least I have more useable photos. Having watched so many photoshop tutorials now I am wondering how it would look if I could brush some of the filter off our hands. I haven't done that here though.

Day 299 - I still had the Lensbaby on and snapped the first thing I could see. I kind of like it though.

Day 300 - DAY 300!! Can you believe that I took such an awful picture? I wasn't even conscious that it was day 300. 

Day 301- But as bad as day 300 was, at least I took a picture! I didn't take a photo on day 301. I got back from work so very late and I was exhausted by the pressures of the week. As I sat down with a glass of wine I considered taking a photo but then I had the thought that no one actually cares if I take a photo or not. I don't mean that to sound like self pity. It was just a reflection that in the big scheme of things it is totally fine to let that day go.  

Day 302 - Back on the horse again and a return to taking photos of the kids as they are engrossed in other stuff. 

Day 303 - A busy day for Bear as she had two birthday parties to attend. This girl is having the best time since starting school. It is a little overwhelming at times and she is tired, but her world has just got so much bigger. I am also loving having an entry into girls parties. I always suspected that they would be different to the boys. Just look at the gorgeous face paint she got at one of the parties. 

Day 304 - Our second basketball game. This time we met up with granddad D. It was a brilliant day out in London. It took place in the Olympic Park, so we got to visit that for the first time. We will return for a better look. I have just got to swim in the Aquatic Centre. 

Day 305 - Today. I have had the joy of a whole day on my own with my photos to edit and tutorials to watch. Jasmine Cat joined me for a while and I took the opportunity to get her picture and allow myself to relax about getting the daily photo. Job done! 

60 days to go...