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Days 306-316/365: Autumn Days... and Nights.

Autumn has definitely landed and we are loving it. Usually at this time of year I have feelings of sadness about summer being over, but this year I am totally fine with it. Maybe it is because we had such a great summer this year and I feel ready to move on without any pining for more of those long summer days. I'm ready for the cozy days in with knitting, TV, hot drinks and the odd family board game. I have been reading all about the Danish concept of hygge... and feel that I need more of that in my life.

One down side to summer leaving is that it is taking the light with it. It is hard to return to those dark day photos and I might need to re-aquant myself with my flash soon.

Day 306 - Ahhh, I am so excited to be finishing these mittens which have sat around untouched for over a year.

Day 307 - We really do enjoy reading in our family and the boys are building up quite the collection of books. We love Astrid Lindgren and we are currently reading Karlson on the Roof. Little Bear is just starting to learn her letters and is just bursting with pride to be on her way to reading all by her self.

Day 308 - Thursday night is my worst night for photos but I have been getting home even later than usual at the moment. It is all about a glass of wine and a bit of TV before bed these days.

Day 309 - This boy loves his cat. Now that the weather has gotten colder we are seeing a lot more of her inside the house. She is not supposed to be sleeping on the table, but it appears to be her bed of choice these days. I don't have the heart to move her anymore.

Day 310 - After a real run of snapshots it felt so good to put on the 100mm and get up close to this leaf. Bear and I found it on the way home from town and I just fell in love with it's shape.

Day 311 - This was our annual trip to the local apple farm. Apart from all the lovely apple treats, it is a great place to take family photos. Roo was at an all day paintball party so he missed out. He wasn't too upset though as he is no fan of apples, and paint balling was a dream come true for him.

Day 312 - The start of another week and back to late night photos.

Day 313 - I still had my 100mm on and had a lot of fun taking photos of swirling fizzy water. This would have been so much better with a flash. I might have to re-visit this idea. I am thinking that the images might be good to use in composites too.

Day 314 - So.... I have news! We are going on a really big exciting trip next week. I might just burst with excitement. Just think of the photo opportunities.

Day 315 - Because we will be away next week, we are kicking off on Halloween a little early this year. I had my eye on this sugar skull bunting from last year and I am so happy to finally have it.

Day 316 - Autumn days really are the best. It is my second favourite season, after summer of course.