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Days 289-297/365: Bowling Party

This year we ended up with a big gap between Roo's actual birthday and his birthday party. This was lucky as he was ill on his birthday and needed a bit of time to recover. We had a return to the bowling alley for this year's party and it was a big hit.

Day 289

The rest of the week has been a little less exciting. We are still trying to find our groove with school and work. 

Day 290 - Bear's hair. I have been wanting to do some blowing hair shots of ages. You know that I love a sense of motion in pictures! I needed a pretty high shutter speed to capture the movement, which of course meant that I needed to bump the ISO. I want to re-visit this idea. I would love to get hold of a big fan. Like industrial strength. 

Day 291 - Photobomb!!

Day 292 - Sometimes I look at my recent photos and question why they are so dark and moody? Are my children unhappy? Why am I capturing these moments? I compare my photos from last year and notice that they are not as light and happy in mood this time around. I worry about not capturing as many loving family moments or evidence that we are a happy family that has fun together. And then I remember that I made a conscious decision to work with darker moods and learn how to accept shadows into my work. I'm still working on those things. They feel important. 

Day 293 - My husband likes to keep this hanging where we can see it. Interesting times!

Day 294 - I was really struggling to find a photo on this night. In the end I put a glass up to the lens and took a photo of this dog on our screen saver. There really is a time and a place for that square crop.

Day 295 - These were really taken with the idea of using it for a composite. I hadn't decided what I want to do with it yet, but I am starting to see some potential for this kind of work. 

This is the end result. 

Day 296 - Bedtime shots with a tired little Bear. I am really missing Alien Skin, but my trial has ended. 

Day 297 - Lensbaby in the park. It was so nice to get the kids and my camera out to the park this weekend. This is such a great time to take of year to take outside photos because the sun is lower in the sky by the time we get out. I fancied a change so I brought the Lensbaby. It is so frustrating to miss the focus so often but the cool effects often make up for it.  

It is exciting to think that I will hit the 300/365 mark this week. On the home stretch now.